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Source: World Bank and RBI

Note : Indicators 1 to 9 are in terms of % of population above the age of 15. The assumption is that population above 15 years represents adult population, so these indicators are measured as a percent of population of adults

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  • 27 Jul, 2016

    Sensex slips from 11-month high on earnings concern

    TOCKS dropped as con­cern mounted that the rally that pushed up the benchmark index to near a one-year high on Monday isn't sup­ported by corporate earnings.

  • How Fund Managers' calls have done in june

    Several of the top investment calls by India's leading equity fund managers in June haven't yielded the desired results. While their most-bought stocks have performed in line with the markets, some of the counters they have exited have seen gains

  • Min Awaits EPFO Panel Nod on ETF Investments

    The labour ministry has moved a step closer to doubling incre­mental employee provident fund in­vestments in equity to 10% in spite of opposition from central trade unions. An expert committee set up by the fi­nance, audit and investment commit­tee (FAIC) of retirement fund body Employees' Provident Fund Organi­sation (EPFO) has favoured such an increase. The government has now as­ked FAIC to take a decision

  • DID YOU KNOW?- Duration of a bond determines the interest rate risk on it

    Bond yields are in focus due to the expectations building up around a rate cut in the next monetary policy review on 4 August. For retail investors, the best way to access bond investments is through mutual funds. But before you pick a fund, you need to understand that inter­est-rate risk is inherent in any bond fund. This can be measured by calculating the duration, which is unique to each scheme.

  • Banks selling own fund house schemes may not be good for you

    When you buy a mutual fund through your bank, is the bank advising you or acting as a vendor? The answer to this question is important because the product you finally walk out with will either be a product that best suits your needs or a product that maximises the bank's own interest. According to data compiled by Outlook Asia Capital Wealth Management India, which put together commission data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi) (http://bit.ly/2alhFAL) and individual fund house commission numbers from their websites, banks are acting as advisers while wearing the hat of vendors. If you did not pay a fee for the advice in the bank and then walked to another desk to buy the product, the bank has mixed up the two roles. Anecdotal evi­dence shows that customers are influenced by what the bank man­ager has to say on product choice. It is unusual for a person to go to a bank asking for the product by name. It is usually a push from the bank that sees the fund build up in the account and then makes a sales pitch.

  • 'Freezing of MF accounts' does not mean Impounding': AMFI

    Mutual fund body Association of Mutual Funds in India has clarified that 'freezing of ac­count' does not mean 'im­pounding of accounts'.

  • CAG flaws public debt system

    THE national auditor has pointed out several lacunae in the public debt manage­ment system, including in­consistencies in figures re­ported by the finance min­istry and the Reserve Bank of India.

  • Sebi plans rules to slow high-speed trading

    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) plans to introduce steps to slow down high-frequency trading in the next three months, according to its chairman, U K Sinha

  • 26 Jul, 2016

    Credit growth may grow to 13.5% on higher inflation

    India has adopted a reflationary fiscal policy in a bid to accelerate the nominal gross domestic product (GDP) growth beyond the 10-year yield, con­forming to chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian's earlier prescription.

  • Mutual funds prefer debt, foreign investors equities

    The investing pattern of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and domestic institutional investors are becoming highly contra-cyclical. In June, while mutual funds avoided equities, FIIs invested in stocks for the fourth straight month

  • MF folio count rises 12.5 lakh to 4.9 cr in June

    Driven by equity folios, mutual fund houses saw a surge of more than 12.5 lakh investor accounts in April-June of the current fiscal, taking the total tally to 4.9 crore. This is on top of an addition of 59 lakh folios in 2015-16 and 22 lakh in 2014-15

  • AMFI clarifies on FATCA compliance

    With reference to the reports on 5 million mutual fund folios and the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) proposing 'freezing' such folios, this is to clarify that the term 'freezing of accounts' in mutual fund parlance merely means permitting further transaction in the account only after the requirement is fulfilled.

  • P-notes investments hit 2-year low last month

    INVESTMENTS into India's capital - markets through participatory notes (P-notes) slumped to the lowest level in nearly two years to Rs 2.10 lakh crore at the end of June; on ac­count of a tight vigil on funds coming through this route.

  • Digital payments in India seen touching $500 billion by 2020

    nential increase in digital pay­ments over the next four years, according to a new study by Google (Alphabet Inc.) and Bos­ton Consulting Group released on Monday.

  • High yields, stable rupee give boost to Indian bonds

    INDIAN bonds are offer­ing two rarities for in­vestors in global markets still reeling from the UK's decision to quit the Euro­pean Union:-high yields and a stable currency.

  • Sebi, a child of the 1991 reforms, needs reform

    One of the highlights of the union budget speech in 1991 was the decision to give statutory powers to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) to regulate India's capital markets. Alongside, the Controller of Capital Issues was abolished. This reform has undoubtedly done the country a world of good. But in the 25th year of its existence as a statutory body, Sebi is still far from being a mature regulator. In fact, recent evidence points to the contrary.

  • Market cap of BSE-listed companies at record high

    Indian companies that trade on BSE saw their aggregate market value climb to a record high on Monday, in line with the strength in world mar­kets, as investors cheered global policymakers' pledge to support faster growth.

  • How Fund Managers' calls have done in june

    Several of the top investment calls by India's leading equity fund managers in June haven't yielded the desired results. While their most-bought stocks have performed in line with the markets, some of the counters they have exited have seen gains.

  • 25 Jul, 2016

    Face-off: Diversified vs ELSS funds

    Fund managers of equity link­ed savings scheme (ELSS) seem to be relatively better placed to manage a spurt in outflows than their diversified cousins.

  • Give FATCA info by 31 Aug or face account freeze

    Mutual fund (MF) invest­ments worth Rs1.1 lakh crore are at the risk of be­ing frozen over non-compliance with tax information sharing law FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). India has signed an inter-gov- ernmental agreement with the US for implementing FATCA, which is part of an anti-tax evasion re­gime designed to locate income and assets held by US persons in offshore accounts

  • Is currency fluctuation an opportunity?

    If companies with foreign exposure are beaten down, investors could engage in bargain hunting

  • Technology has enabled transparency in tax compliance: Arun Jaitley

    The advent of technology has brought in more transparen­cy and openness to the tax compliance regime in the country, said the Union Fi­nance Minister Arun Jaitley.

  • IMF flags decelerating pace of reforms in India

    The International Monetary Fund has warned decelerating pace of reforms and sluggish exports may weigh on India's econom­ic growth. The core areas that need reforms in India are market, labour, infrastructure, banking, legal system & property rights, and fiscal structural reforms.

  • EPFO likely to double stock market investments

    Retirement fund body EPFO is likely to double the proportion of its investment in exchange traded funds (ETFs) for this fiscal to 10% at its trus­tees' meet on Tuesday in line with an expert panel's recom­mendations. EFPO, at present, is investing 5% of investible deposits in ETFs despite opposi­tion by labour unions.

  • Gold ETFs continue to see outflow in June

    Investors remained bear­ish on gold exchange-trad­ed funds in June and pulled out Rs 80 crore from this instrument, taking the total to Rs 228 crore in the first quarter of the current finan­cial year, mainly on account of profit booking.

  • 22 Jul, 2016

    S&P says India Story Pretty Solid, Pegs 8% Growth for Two Years

    S&P Global Ratings has said the India story is "pretty solid" and praised the government's "long ga­me" handling of the economy to push up growth potential while giving atten­tion to immediate issues as well. Its forecast of 8% growth for the cur­rent financial year and the next is, ho­wever, contingent on the government taking certain measures, including a "wise choice" to head the Reserve Bank of India, the American ratings agency said.

  • Different taxes for different capital gains

    Income tax returns are due to be filed by 31 July, and apart from what's in your Form 16 it also needs to have details about your capital gains and losses, if any. However, many people don't know which of their financial transactions qual­ify as capital asset transactions and therefore may attract tax.

  • Funds chase stressed assets down the rabbit hole

    S tressed asset funds are the flavour of the season. On Wednes­day, State Bank of India (SBI) said that it has signed a memo­randum of understanding with Brookfield Asset Management to purchase distressed assets. Brookfield will commit a little more than a billion dollars to the fund and SBI will contribute up to 5% of the total investments by the fund. Whether a bank, sitting on a large pile of stressed assets itself, should be a partner in a stressed asset fund is a separate question. But we will leave that aside assuming that there will be a Chinese wall between the operations of the bank and the fund.

  • Non-food credit growth at 10.02%

    The growth rate of non-food cred­it of banks rose for a second successive fortnight and was back in the double digits at 10.02 % (y-o-y) in the fortnight ended July 8, as compared to the 9.76% seen in the previous fortnight, Reserve Bank of In­dia (RBI) data released on Thursday shows.

  • India economic growth to stay solid, only one rate cut likely

    India's econ­omy will hum along at a solid pace for the remainder of this financial year provided structural reforms are pas­sed, while above-target infla­tion means RBI will only cut rates once more this year, a Reuters poll found.

  • Nifty 50 ETFs AUM tops Rs 10,000 cr

    The total asset under man­agement (AUM) of the Nifty 50 exchange traded funds (ETFs) has crossed the Rs 10,000 crore mark. Currently, there are 13 ETFs on the index.

  • 21 Jul, 2016

    As Fatca comes closer, 5 mn folios risk closure

    One in every 10 mutual fund (MF) folios (accounts) in this country is yet to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca), an American law but having a bearing on most global investors. Non-compliance occurs when any investor does not declare his tax residency.

  • Sebi plans new system to crawl social media, sites

    Sebi is planning to put in place a new system for crawling the internet and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for round-the-clock monitoring of market-moving developments. The regulator is looking to rope in an expert independent agency for putting in place this new system, which may also be mandated to help Sebi expand its own presence on social media platforms.

  • With gold's outlook uncertain, the rich may opt for diamonds

    As markets turn turbulent and bank interest rates near zero, wealthy investors are eyeing other options

  • Some SIPs, Few Sighs: Bumpy Start for New Clearing System

    Systematic investment plans (SIPs) of mutual funds are fac­ing hiccups following the imple­mentation of new NACH (National Automated Clearing House) system in April. All new SIPs have moved from Electronic clearing service (ECS) mandates to NACH mandates since April this year. As per the rules, all new SIPs have to be regis­tered through the NACH mode only

  • Gold ETFs continue to see outflow in June on profit-booking by investors

    In­vestors remained bearish on gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in June and pulled out Rs80 crore from this instrument, taking the total to Rs228 crore in the first quarter of the current fi­nancial year, mainly on ac­count of profit booking.

  • Ready, SEBI, Go: A Savvy Regulator Run

    "I'm not interested in capital mar­kets anymore," says Devendra Raj Mehta, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi). He was Sebi chairman during seven eventful post-liberalisa­tion years, 1995-2002, launching a re­cord 44 reforms that not only changed the way investors bought stocks in India but also brought transparency in an opaque world of corporates, stock exchanges and regulators. "It was just a job," says Mehta in a matter-of-fact manner before warm­ing up to talk about "those days" when the market regulator un­leashed a slew of reforms that re­strained buccaneering brokers and promoters, while easing the opera­tions of the capital markets

  • 20 Jul, 2016

    RsIL-cr MF investments may be frozen

    Mutual fund (MF) invest­ments worth Rs 1.1 lakh crore are at the risk of being frozen over non-compli­ance with tax information sha­ring law FATCA (Foreign Ac­count Tax Compliance Act).

  • To find the right MF, get down to the basics

    What are the typical instruments that you think of, when you want to invest? A bank fixed deposit, to begin with? Perhaps it has been ingrained in us since our childhood that a bank deposit is the safest instrument around. Then, maybe a Public Provi­dent Fund account and, if you are salaried, then your Employee's Prov­ident Fund that gets deducted from your monthly salary. The former because it helps you save taxes (under section 80C of the income tax Act) and the latter because you have, well, little choice. But there is another instrument you should consider because it helps you grow wealth over a long period of time, a mutual fund (MF). We've come a long way since the country's first MF was launched— although technically it wasn't called one-in 1964. With close to 3,000 MF schemes spread across 45 fund houses and combined assets under management of ^14 trillion, choosing the right fund is like find­ing your way through a maze. But keep aside the numbers for a moment, and let us focus on some first principles. Team Mint Money tells you what you need to know before you dig into the numbers. What is a mutual fund and why it works and when it doesn't work?

  • Equity ETF assets soar fourfold

    The assets under management (AUM) of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have touched a record high following a fourfold jump over the past two years. Industry watchers say that domestic investors - who are known for their preference for actively managed funds -are increasingly taking to ETFs, a passive investment vehicle.

  • To Deepen Corporate Bond Market, Start One for Junk

    It is now agreed that we need to have a vibrant corporate bond market to meet funding requirements. We also know that this market has not evolved the way it was visualised for a variety of reasons, the chief one being that we have limited players, who 'buy and hold' only highly rated instruments. The RBI is work­ing on moving large exposures of banks to the bond market since the system has its own challenges. The conundrum that emerges is that if this starts from 2018, will there be any buyers for such paper?

  • Re bond demand at a 17-month high

    OVERSEAS holdings of In­dian bonds are rising at the fastest pace in 17 months as a rally, which sent sover­eign yields to three-year lows, lures global funds.

Industry Data (As on 31st May 2016) in Crores
Industry AUM 1,381,625
Industry Equity AUM 486,319
Industry Equity Gross Sales (for the month) 17,214
Industry Equity Net Sales (for the month) 6,327
Industry Fixed Income AUM 895,307
Industry Fixed Income Gross Sales (for the month) 1,436,613
Industry Fixed Income Net sales (for the month) -64,512
Source: AMFI

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