Certified Financial Planner (CFP) India

Who is this CFP certification given by?

  • CFP Certification is an internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and
    respected by the global financial community.
  • The Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) of India gives CFP certification.
  • FPSB India is an Affiliate of FPSB Limited, which is a non-profit association that manages, develops
    and operates certification, education and related programs for financial planning organizations
    around the world.

Why do I need to have Certified Financial Planner Certificate?

  • It helps you gain expertise in financial planning.
  • This program gives a holistic view of all aspects of financial planning like Risk Analysis & Insurance
    Planning, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Investment Planning, tax planning and
    Estate planning.
  • Apart from enhanced career and employment opportunities, the certification provides you with a
    professional recognition in more than 23 countries around the world.

How do I earn the CFP Certification?

  • In order to earn the CFPCM, a candidate must fulfil a certain set of eligibility criteria.
  • There are two pathways, namely 1) Regular and 2) Challenge Status, for achieving the CFP
    certification and the educational qualification required for each is different.

a. CFP Regular Pathway

1. A candidate registered under the CFP Regular Pathway must be SSC/ Matriculation/
   10th pass at the time of enrolment

2. He must pass the following four examinations either through self-study or through
    training support from any one of FPSB India's approved education providers.

  • Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning (Exam 1)
  • Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits (Exam 2)
  • Investment Planning (Exam 3)
  • Tax Planning & Estate Planning (Exam 4)

These Exams are facilitated by NSE and conducted online on the NCFM platform on NSE's
examination centres and other NSE networked sites throughout India

b. CFP Challenge Status Pathway

1. A candidate must be a CA / Intermediate level, CFA (US), ICWA, CAIIB, CS, LLB, PhD,
   M.Phil, PG, Licentiate/Associate/ Fellowship of Life Insurance, Actuary, FFSI & FLMI
   from LOMA, Civil Service Examinations by UPSC

2. For details see refer to Challenge Status Qualifications

Registering for the CFP Exam

  • You can register through the FPSB website for the course.
  • You also need to register on the NSE website and obtain a NCFM number which you have to mention in the registration form of FPSB.
  • You need to pay the fee and submit the following documents:
    1. Signed student Registration Form
    2. DD if opted
    3. Qualification Documents (Minimum Qualification Certificate as required)
    4. Proof of Identity & Photograph
  • FPSB will activate your account on verification of the documents.

Preparing for the exam

The course of study is the same for both the pathways and you need to appear for the following modules

  • Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning (Exam 1)
  • Retirement planning and Employee benefits (Exam 2)
  • Investment Planning (Exam 3)
  • Tax planning & Estate planning (Exam 4)
  • Advance financial planning (Exam 5).

For more details on the various modules and the exam pattern, please visit the website

What is the test pattern?

  • A candidate can appear for Exam 1-4 in any sequence but Exam 5 can only be attempted once the
    candidate has successfully cleared the Exams 1-4.
    The first exam can be taken only after the expiry of the mandatory 60 days lock-in period that
    starts from the date of registration of the candidate with FPSB India.
    In exam 5, there will be two case studies. Questions will be asked on the cases. Each question will
    carry pre-specified marks for each correct answer

Where are the tests conducted?

  • These tests are conducted daily at 30 NSE centres from Monday to Saturday.

How long does it take to complete the program?

  • Normally each module will take an approximate time of 1.5 to 2 months.
  • One can look forward to completing the entire program in 1.5 yrs time.

Some key facts about Certified Financial Planner Exam

No of questions 75 questions of 1, 2 and 4 marks for tests 1-4 and 15 questions of 2,3,4 and 5 marks in test 5
Maximum Marks 140 for 1-4 and 50 for 5
Duration 120 minutes for tests 1-4 and 240 minutes for test 5
Certificate Validity 1 year. The certificate needs to be renewed every year.
Passing Score 60% or greater for test 1-4 and 50% or greater for test 5.
Test Fees Rs 2000/- for tests 1-4 and Rs 5000/- for test 5.
Website URL www.fpsbindia.org

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